Rocky outcrop at sunset with grass and distant trees
Castle Rock State Park, Saratoga Gap Preserve, and Long Ridge Preserve

Trails at Skyline and Nine

Coastal redwood

Stronger angles

Looking across hills to the north at sunset

Calories up, caution down

Low-flying paraglider

Floating on the wind

Calero Bat Inn

Varying trail conditions

Skyline view from Ipiwa Trail

The wrong way to Horseshoe Lake

Hills and clouds at El Sereno OSP

Spanish for “barely”

West View climbing to Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

The squishy trail to Windy Hill

The Stanford Dish is an impressive sight
Stanford University

Big sky in the South Bay

Smoke creates haze around sunset.
Los Gatos near the Lexington Reservoir

Smoke and fiction

The radar station and adjacent shelter.
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve

A sacred site and a Cold War relic

Beacon and observation deck at the summit of Mt. Diablo
Mt. Diablo State Park

What goes down, must hike up