Sunset and Bishop Peak mountaintop
San Luis Obispo

Sunset Atop Cerro San Luis

Sunset near the top of Mission Peak
Mission Peak Regional Preserve

Hike up to see a sundown at Mission Peak

'The Giant' redwood tree
Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

New video gear at the giants’ feet

Rocky outcrop at sunset with grass and distant trees
Castle Rock State Park, Saratoga Gap Preserve, and Long Ridge Preserve

Trails at Skyline and Nine

New walkway near a pond

The thatching ants

Looking across hills to the north at sunset

Calories up, caution down

Hikers at the Steel Bridge

A good day to Sleep Late and Hike

Old highway road and ocean view

A lonely highway

Low-flying paraglider

Floating on the wind

Calero Bat Inn

Varying trail conditions

Skyline view from Ipiwa Trail

The wrong way to Horseshoe Lake

Purisima Redwoods Open Space Preserve

Spring greets the northern redwoods